I am the youngest son of Judge Stanley P. Golde, who served on the Superior Court bench for twenty-five years. Before serving as a judge my father practiced law for over twenty years in the same areas I do now: criminal, civil, and professional sports.

Being raised in a legal family, I have been inside courtrooms since I was five years old. As a child I used to hang around my father’s law office for hours and look at his files. I talked to his clients: Hells Angles, Black Panthers, professional athletes, and every-day people. I followed their cases from start to finish. This upbringing in the world of law was an incredible education. As a child and a teenager I met, socialized, and became friends with the finest lawyers and judges in the country. I learned so much from my father (his practice and his colleagues and his friends), it would take a book to describe it all.

This socialization–a lifetime of networking and friendships–is priceless. Through my long and personal experience, I have gained great insight into the way law is practiced in the real world. It is like learning a hidden language–so much easier and faster to learn as a child than as an adult. My upbringing in the world of law is something that cannot be learned in a book, taught in a classroom, or picked up in a legal seminar. What I am referring to is an instinct, an intuitive sense about people and the law. And I know all about the gut-wrenching work that’s necessary to help clients successfully work through the court system and ultimately prevail, whether in a criminal or a civil case. That is what practicing law is truly all about. That is what I bring to the table.


When I’m not in the courtroom, I’m on the golf course. I’m currently a scratch golfer and I have played in two California state amateur championships. I’ve also authored and published a well-received golf instructional book: The Fundamentals Of Putting and How They Help Your Entire Golf Game. (Download the PDF version HERE). The foreword of my golf instructional book on putting was written by legendary BBC Golf analyst and former Ryder Cup Player, Peter Alliss, please CLICK HERE to view what Peter Alliss wrote about my book. To view my golf swing CLICK HERE, Please don’t hesitate to email me with helpful hints and tips on how to improve my golf swing. I could certainly use them.

I’m a current member of the Oakland Police Officers Golf Club, the Lawyers and Judges Golf Club as well as the Lake Chabot Golf Club. In part, it is through these associations that I am able to effectively network with the judiciary, the District Attorney’s Office, and the police department.

I am also an award-winning member of the prestigious national legal group The Earl Warren American Inn of Court. I’m a member of the YMCA and regularly donate to various local and national charitable organizations, as well as doing pro bono work in my local community. I have also been a competitive basketball for my entire life. CLICK HERE to listen to Reggie Green; former Casltemont high school basketball legend and former professional basketball player discuss playing and competing with me on the basketball court.