Areas of Practice

Cannabis Law

I practice in the area of marijuana and cannabis defense for all cases for growers, licensing issues and anything that concerns cannabis defense.

Criminal Law

Through my experience, I am licensed to practice in both the State and Federal Courts. I represent clients who have been accused of all kinds of crimes such as murder, assault, rape, burglary, domestic violence, drugs, theft, and fraud as well as many other felonies and misdemeanors. I represent clients with three strikes cases facing twenty-five years to life in prison and do so with success. I also represent clients in both the State and Federal Courts in a wide variety of white-collar offenses that involve both fraud, theft and other similar issues.

I have significant experience in representing clients and or financial advisors as well as stockbrokers in hearings within the security and exchange commission for various issues that bring about license suspension and prosecution within the security and exchange commission for wrongdoing. I have very good relationships with many professionals within various District Attorney’s Offices which is very important in the practice of criminal law. I also have an excellent rapport with many police agencies, probation departments, and parole offices and this helps in the defense of all my clients who need a zealous criminal defense.

I am also very comfortable within the judiciary as my father Judge Stanley P. Golde had a career as a trial lawyer for twenty-five years and as Superior Court Judge for another twenty-five years. This upbringing and background in the world of law helped pave the way for me to be fiercely moral just as he was. Under the laws of this land, every accused person is guaranteed legal counsel and it is my job to represent each and every client with all that the law provides.

Driving Under The Influence Cases (DUI)

I have successfully represented many clients accused of driving under the influence of alcohol and other substances. This includes driving under the influence of drugs and driving under the influence of both drugs and alcohol. Some of my clients include high profile athletes such as NFL running back Marshawn Lynch and NFL wide receiver Darrius Heyward Bey. Please click here to view articles of my representation of Marshawn Lynch and please click here to view articles of my representation of Darrius Heyward Bey. I also very effectively and very successfully represent clients in their hearings before the Department Of Motor Vehicles or DMV.

It is the job of the DMV to regulate driving privileges not the courts generally. Before your driving privileges can be revoked because of a DUI the DMV will give you a hearing. I can help you maintain your driving privileges even when charged with a DUI. My fees are very fair and very reasonable and I get the job done in helping and all clients accused of misdemeanor DUI or a felony DUI where there was an injury or if this is your fourth or fifth DUI.

Personal Injury and Civil Rights Litigation

My office regularly represents clients who have been injured in automobile accidents either while driving or walking across the street or anywhere else. I recently represented Ms. Maria Francisco in her 15.3 million dollar verdict against AC Transit which was the largest verdict ever against AC Transit. This accident occurred because the bus driver was negligent and because of the driver’s negligence Maria Francisco suffered permanent back and spine injuries. Please click here to see a brief video about my representation of Maria Francisco in the case against AC Transit. I also represent clients in premises liability cases for any defect in a commercial or private setting.

I also represent clients based on excessive force by law enforcement. Please view the multimedia/print page of my website to read about several of my excessive force cases against local police departments. I have also been successful in medical malpractice cases and a multitude of other scenarios whereby personal injury results from negligent behavior and or intentional acts of a third party or person. In essence, I will zealously represent you within the full extent of the law if you have been injured due to the negligence and or the intentional acts of a third party or person.

Call me on my cell phone right away if you have been injured in a personal injury case at (510) 206-2300.

Representation Of Professional And Amateur Athletes

Based on my background, experience, and reputation, I am considered a leading national expert in the areas of professional sports, the law, criminology, and sociology. As a lawyer, I have represented many professional and college athletes as well as coaches and executives in professional sports in a variety of criminal and civil cases.
I also lecture to professional clubs pertaining to various legal and social issues and obstacles facing professional athletes in today’s society. I also give similar lectures to college teams on issues facing today’s student-athletes as well.

I am perhaps the only lawyer in the country to have worked for a professional club, the Oakland Raiders as an assistant to the Director Of Football Operations, to have represented former and current players and coaches as well as executives in a variety of legal cases and to lecture professional and college clubs regarding legal and social issues that athletes deal with on a daily basis. To view one of my lectures to the UC Berkeley Football Team please click HERE.

Contracts And Business Law

I also work with businesses as well as private individuals who need help with contracts and basic legal situations that involve their day to day lives within a business setting. My advice and work is direct and helpful and my fees are reasonable.

Attorney Referrals

I help many clients who need outside referrals. I have a pool of resources garnered from a lifetime of developing contacts and I am regularly called upon to refer clients to skilled practitioners of family law, real estate law, tax law, workers compensation, etc. I know well and work closely with excellent lawyers who specialized in all areas of the law.

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