Defending Physicians

I have represented many physicians in criminal/fraud cases, and cases in front of the California Medical board whereby the physicians medical license was suspended and/or revoked. I have a good working relationship with the California Attorney General’s Office, the agency that prosecutes and investigates medical license suspension for the California Medical Board. I have numerous references from physicians that I have represented in court and to whom I have regained their medical license so they can resume their career in medicine. I was also co-council in the largest workers comp MediCal fraud case in the state of CA, which we won in a not guilty verdict.

Please do not hesitate to call to discuss any issue in terms of the California Medical Board or if you have been charged with a criminal case in court. I know what it takes to get your license back and I will do everything possible in terms of the Attorney General’s Office and California Medical Board to get your medical license reinstated as quickly as possible.

Please click HERE to view article of Ivan Golde’s defense of a San Leandro doctor accused of multiple felonies.